Tourist Menu

What to eat

In order to meet the needs of every tourist, and to offer a quality service; each day we offer different dishes that are prepared with choice, seasonal products.
Old Port Bar’s Tourist Menu includes:

  • One dish selection (first or second course)
  • One beverage (water, wine, beer, various drinks)
  • Dessert
  • Coffee or cappuccino

The price for this solution starts at €15.

To see where were are and thereby plan your visit to Genoa, we invite you visit our contact page. Come visit!

What to see in Genoa

Downtown Genoa is bursting with attractions and monuments to visit, in fact, more and more tourists are choosing our city for their vacations – be it for a simple weekend, or for longer periods. The Aquarium, in the Porto Antico di Genova area, is not to be missed – for both old and young. For those wanting to explore the old city, you can climb through the alleyways of Genoa, the famous carruggi described by Fabrizio De André in his songs.

The Historic Downtown, with its weave of alleyways and buildings, among which Palazzi dei Rolli, churches and historic businesses, is perfect for retracing Genoa’s history. The attractions that downtown offers don’t stop there, we can still mention the Palazzo Ducale with its art exhibition, via Garibaldi, via San Lorenzo with its Cathedral, and much more. Heading down toward the “Darsena” we’ll find the Sea Museum, where you can deepen your understanding of the ships that rendered Genoa, and not only, great.

So, there is no lack of things to see, and in this context of art, entertainment, and culture, Old Port is the perfect place to relax and enjoy excellent, traditionally Ligurian dishes. Actually, our structure is easy to reach, in that it’s is just a short walk from the Aquarium.