Graduation Parties

After spending years studying books, the long-awaited day of Graduation has arrived! We know how important this day is for every student, their parents, and their friends who share daily in the sacrifice and satisfaction of the university life.

Celebrating a Graduation is a joyous occasion and here at Old Port we are always happy to host this kind of event, especially if it is for one of our young people here in Genoa who are concluding an important phase of their lives. In fact, we are being chosen every more often by many “new graduates” to celebrate this amazing accomplishment together.

Old Port is just a few minutes from the Università di Economia, Lettere e Filosofia, Lingue e Giurisprudenza di Genova, and therefore, is the perfect place to organize your graduation party, taking advantage of the unique location in the Porto Antico di Genova, among the yachts, the sea, and the enchanting panorama that we can offer.

You can rent the entire place or only partially, and our staff will help you take care of every detail of your party. You can organize an aperitif with cocktails and canapès, or a more elaborate party that will amaze your guests: tell us what you need, and we will prepare the party you desire.

If you would like further information about organizing your Graduation Party, we invite you to contact us using the form below. We would be happy to meet you to work together to find the most suitable solution for celebrating such an important day!