The bar and restaurant

The breakfast

The piers that look out over the port of Genoa already in the early hours of the morning of people who go to work, offices or activities that face the sea, and our bar is always ready to welcome its guests. Breakfast at the Old Port is a pleasure not only for the palate: sitting at the bar tables you will enjoy a truly unique view of the city and the harbor with the unmistakable view of the Lantern on one side and the mountains on the other . Every morning, delicious brioche biscuits are baked and you can taste the strips of Genoese, normal and onion focaccia, to accompany a good coffee, a cappuccino or what you prefer.

The kitchen

But Old Port is not just a bar. The cuisine of our restaurant, always open, offers a wide selection of dishes from the Ligurian tradition. Chef Stefano proposes trofie and lasagna with pesto, Portofino pasta, noodles pansotti, dumplings in damp and green, fries of whitewash, fish buridada, hazelnut with liguria, stuffed vegetables, minestrone and much more. In addition, you can taste various Mediterranean and Italian cuisine such as octopus with potatoes, rice with caprese, pizzoccheri della Valtellina, baked polenta, paella, roast and stew.

Good food is always accompanied by a worthy wine, and for this reason you can find a wide assortment of wines in our wine list such as Vermentino, Pigato, Rossese, Bonarda, Dolcetto, Morellino di Scansano and many others.

In the evenings, you can order a more special cuisine with elaborate dishes such as steamed prawns, wild mushrooms, sandwiches and seafood in a private and relaxing environment.

The aperitifs

Our room, in addition to the services already described, is a great choice for those who just want to stop for an aperitif. Our barman is always available to prepare tasty cocktails or pour fresh mugs of beer, always accompanied by appetizers of all kinds.